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Governance and Review

The principal responsibility for Research Integrity compliance rests with Senate and is monitored on behalf of Senate by Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee of Senate. 

Responsibility for ensuring that the code is securely embedded within the ‘local’ structure rests with the Dean, appropriate Vice-Dean and Departmental Director of Colleges. In the case of Research Institutes, this responsibility lies with the Director and Theme Leader. Responsibility for supervision and monitoring of local compliance in research integrity lies with the College and Institute Research Committees. Issues of Research Ethics are determined through College and Research Ethics Committees who have a direct relationship with UREC (University Research Ethics Committee).

Review of the College and Research Institutes Research Integrity processes shall take place annually and will be reported through the Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee. The Governance, Information and Legal Office shall have sight of the annual reviews and on behalf of the Council of the University assure itself of compliance, providing feedback to Senate, and through the Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee, the College and Institute research committees. The Governance, Information and Legal Office will report on compliance to Executive Board and to Council in Council a short annual statement relating to progress in research integrity.

The code requires compliance with a number of established University Policies and Procedures. The governance relating to these policies and procedures and their ‘owners’ is not superceded by the code, but compliance with and changes to such policies will form part of the annual monitoring process for the code.