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Global Challenges

Broaden your horizons

As a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree you won't be limited to studying one academic area. You will develop a range of skills in scientific and non-scientific fields


Purpose built

As one of the few courses of its kind in the UK, Global Challenges has been specifically designed to produce graduates who are confident in tackling issues in a variety of contemporary global landscapes


Global Challenges at Brunel

Today’s world is faced by unprecedented change, unpredictability and paradox. Changes to climate, the growing impact of poverty, global inequalities and the rise in terrorist extremism to name a few. With this in mind, the BASc Global Challenges degree has been specifically designed to address the growing need for graduates that have a broad understanding of the multiple scientific, social, political and economic factors that impact on decision making, communication and design in the contemporary world. Choose Global Challenges at Brunel and you will be supported and surrounded by academics who are active in research and experts in their respective fields

We’ll work with industry, the community, national and international stakeholders and partners to ensure that our graduates have the edge and confidence they need to make a
difference whatever their background
Mary Richards, Global Challenges Programme Director

The Core Spine

Brunel Design facilities

Innovative thinking

Develop your creative thinking skills and learn about ideas and approaches that have challenged and changed traditional modes of thinking

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Skills development

Build your capacity to work effectively in teams and develop skills in project management, presentation and preparing for the job market

Creative research methods

You'll be introduced to the basics of data collection and analysis and to the philosophy of natural and social scientific methods. As well as creative, tranformative, arts and visual and mixed method research approaches

Transdisciplinary approach

Learn how to think across the boundaries of the humanities, natural and social sciences and go on to apply transdisciplinary thinking to a range of real world problems

Why choose Global Challenges?