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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The purpose of the scheme is to transfer knowledge and expertise from the university academic staff to your organisation. It was created to encourage collaboration between businesses and universities. 

This enables our technology and expertise to identify innovative solutions to help a business grow. By doing this we can help to develop new products, manufacturing, operations and systems that generate increased profits and enhance performance in your business. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships provides a structured mechanism to gain funding for research and development projects between the University and external organisations. It is managed and sponsored by Innovate UK, with a range of other funders including research councils.

Project duration can be between 1 and 3 years, and are usually based at the company's headquarters. A company who wants to get involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can be of any size, provided that they are capable of making significant use of the knowledge transferred, and are financially viable. 

There are a range of commercial benefits: 

  • Robust schedule of work that is designed to deliver increased profits, improved efficiencies, or development of new products.
  • Reduced risk in investment in research and development activity due to our leading edge academic expertise and strong on campus admin support. 
  • Improve your competitiveness in your chosen market. 
  • Increase the skills of existing staff 
  • Being based in London it is very easy to meet our academics on site if needs be. 
  • Sponsorship of up to 67% of project costs (50% for larger companies).
  • Improves brand reputation for being known to invest in innovation and business transformation. 


  • The project must relate to research and development activity requiring expertise and knowledge which the company currently do not have in-house. 
  • The company must provide the relevant knowledge and details for the project.
  • The company should also provide day to day supervision of the Brunel academic on their premises. 


The majority of funding for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships comes from Innovate UK and other external sources but the company must be able to afford their smaller proportion of the project costs and their own costs of participating.

If you would like to register your interest or ask us a question about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships please click here.